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Personal Loan

Fulfil your personal goals with our personal loan


Personal Loan

This is a salary based personal loan to individuals in private and public organizations whose salaries are domiciled with the bank.

Requirement & Eligibility

No documentation required

Salary account must be in Fidelity bank and be active for at least six (6) months.

Customer must have credit balance.

A good credit rating

Terms & Features

Tenor – 12 Months

Interest Rate: 2% per month. 24% per annum

Mgt. Fee: 1%flat.

1.5% Insurance Fee

minimum loan amount of N10,000.00

Up to 40% of net Annual salary subject to a maximum of N5,000,000

Equal monthly repayment comprising principal and interest.

Pre-liquidation is allowed without penalty

Collateral/Support - Domiciliation of salary, Credit Insurance & GSI


Non-Fidelity customers whose salaries are processed via payroll companies like REMITA, Tenece, Veripay, e.t.c can access the loan by opening an account and dialing the USSD *770*08#

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What is Digital Personal loan?

It is a digital loan targeted at salary earners who meets the Bank’s eligibility criteria.

What is the tenor for the Digital Personal loan

12 months

How do I request for a digital personal loan?

Request is made by dialing the USSD code *770*08#

How much can I get with Digital Personal Loan?

You can get Up to 40% of net Annual salary subject to a maximum of N5m

What are the rates/fee for the Digital Personal Loan?

Interest rate is 2% per month or 24% per annum, Management Fee of 1% and Insurance Fee of 1.5%

Can I pre-liquidate my Digital Personal loan?

Yes. Customers are at liberty to pay off their facility at their convenience

How can I liquidate my Digital Personal Loan?

You can liquidate by dialing the USSD code *770*08# and select pay loan option

Can Non-Fidelity customers access a Personal loan?

If your salary is processed via Remita, Tenece, E-tranzact, veripay you can apply for a Personal loan. Please note that you need to open a Fidelity bank account for the loan to be disbursed.

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Terms & Conditions

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