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Fidelity SME Academy

Enjoy free capacity building support services for MSMEs who are either prospective or existing customers of the bank

The Fidelity SME Academy

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Tailored Business
Advisory Services

We provide tailored business advisory services in various forms dependent on what works best for the target eligible MSME customers/ group of MSME customers. Some of the advisory model are;

Linkages To Outsourcing
Services Providers

Access linkages to outsourcing services providers and shared services platforms that cover the following amongst others:

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The Fidelity SME Forum

The Fidelity SME Forum is a 30-minute experience and knowledge sharing radio and Instagram Live programme aimed at empowering Nigerian entrepreneurs with knowledge, know-how and expertise that will enable them build successful businesses.

The programme currently airs on Inspiration FM 92.3 in Lagos on Tuesdays live at 6:30AM with a repeat broadcast on Thursdays at 6:30PM on same station.

It also airs on other key radio stations nationwide.

In addition, it also has a live online version that holds on Instagram every Friday at 12 noon. The Instagram handle for the weekly Friday sessions is @fidelitybankplc

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