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Corporate Online Banking

Our Corporate Online Banking (CONB) is specially tailored to suit the unique needs of our corporate customers.

CONB can be accessed via the Web and Mobile devices.


Corporate Users

  1. Download application form OR simply SIGN UP HERE
  2. Complete application form appropriately and send to the nearest Fidelity Bank branch. Application is verified accordingly.
  3. For further enquiries; call TrueServe on 070034335489

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  • 1

    Transaction Integration

    Easier internal reconciliation

  • 2

    Convenient Banking

    Convenient banking from any location, all in your control.

  • 3

    User Flexibility

    Seamless, flexible, and smart online banking experience. Align your defined user rights and process workflows to your organization’s business rules and policies.

  • 4

    WorkFlow Creation

    Corporates can set up workflows that allow them decide user roles and access levels for selected staff.

  • 5

    Bulk Payment Files

    Corporates can process bulk payment files for up to 1000 beneficiaries at a go (ideal for salary and vendor payments). Speedy way to pay multiple beneficiaries at a go. File format is downloadable from the application.

  • 6

    Enhanced Security

    Multi levels of transaction authorization, with hard token usage required per user.

  • 7

    Efficient Reporting

    Access to online reports of transaction history, account balances, etc.



fidelity personal online banking

Multi-level Workflow for transactions

Foreign currency transfers

Bulk payments for up to 1000 beneficiaries and ability to save beneficiaries for future use

Transfers up to N500M (Bulk Transfer). Limit modification from default limit of N10M to a maximum of 100M(NIP)*

Ability to download and print account statement in Excel and PDF formats.

Transaction history and reports with Inter and Intra Bank Transfers


Asked Questions

When logging in, the user is required to use a password.

When committing a payment or action with significance, such as a workflow or user creation, a user is required to authenticate using a token. The token can either be software or hardware.

When logging in from a new device or browser, the user must authenticate using an OTP (One Time Password) or token response in addition to the password. 

Yes, you can have different accounts and users linked to one profile. 

Select the Transfer option from the dashboard if you were setup with an inputter or a super admin role.

Yes. However, this would not be instant as the current process as directed by CBN requires manual intervention from the bank’s International Operations Team. 

Yes, you can view and download the transaction history as an imputer, super admin, and authorizer user from your dashboard under the Transaction History menu. 

Yes, there is a default transaction limit of 10 million, however this can quickly be increased to 250 million naira using NIP (NIBSS Instant Payment- Instant credit to beneficiaries) and 500 million using RTGS or NAPS (Near instant credit to beneficiaries) 

Yes, you can integrate our services into the ERP/SAP software within your company.

You can contact Trueserve at 0700 343 35489, via WhatsApp at 0903 000 5252, from abroad at 0908 798 9069, or chat with Ivy at 0903 000 0302. Additionally, you can visit any customer service center at a branch near you. 

Yes, corporate online banking is available via the web and mobile app. However, the web is more suited to the inputter, verifier, and admin roles while .The app is only suitable for super admin 

Yes, the platform is available across web via browsers such as Microsoft edge and Google chrome. It is also available on android and apple devices via their app stores. 

Yes, alerts can be setup on several phone numbers.

Yes, several users can be set up on your profile to approve transactions as may be required in your organization. 

You can now complete your NIBSS E-bills Pay, Remita RRR payments and other bill payments directly from Corporate Online Banking. 

Yes, the platform is fully featured for bulk and salary payments. 

Visit the URL and login using the user details sent to you via mail after the setup from the branch containing username and password. 

Kindly request a password request from the branch via your account officer or an admin user can also assist with password resets. i.e., If your organization has an admin user. 

Your admin user can create new users for your corporate online banking, including a verifier, inputter, and authorizer. 

"N1-N5000: N10
N5001-N50,000: N25
N50,000 Above: N50
A VAT of 7.5% is also added."