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Fidelity Cards

The companion that sticks closer than a friend.

The Fidelity Visa Credit Card is a revolving credit product designed
to meet your immediate financial needs while giving you the flexibility
to pay back with absolute ease.

Fidelity Debit Card guarantees 24/7 access to funds in your account,
anywhere and anytime. It’s safer than cash, a lot more convenient
and easy to use.
Fidelity Bank Debit Cards

Using your Card abroad?

If you plan to use any of your Fidelity cards abroad, let us know 24hrs in advance.
contact us: [email protected]

fidelity bank cards

Lost / Stolen

If your Debit/Credit Card is lost or stolen, please contact us immediately via Fidelity Trueserve on: 0700 343 35489, WhatsApp: 0903 000 5252, email us: [email protected] or go to the nearest Fidelity Bank branch.