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Payday Loan

Fulfil your personal goals with our payday loan


Payday Loan

This is a digital loan to staff of public and private organizations whose staff salary accounts are domiciled with the

Requirement & Eligibility

No documentation required

Salary Account must be in Fidelity bank and be active for at least three (3) months.

Customer must have credit balance.

A good credit rating

Terms & Features of Payday Loan

Tenor – up to 30 days

Charge - 4.5% flat (Upfront)

Minimum loan amount of N1,000.00

Up to 50% of net monthly salary subject to maximum of N500,000.00

Pre-liquidation is allowed without penalty

Domiciliation of salary & GSI


Non-Fidelity customers whose salaries are processed via payroll companies like REMITA, Tenece, Veripay, e.t.c can access the loan by opening an account and dialing the USSD *770*08#

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What is Payday Loan?

It is a digital loan product targeted at salary earners who meets the Bank’s eligibility criteria.

What is the tenor for the Payday loan?

30 days

How do I request for the loan?

You can request by dialing the USSD code *770*08#, OR you chat Ivy on WhatsApp

How much can I get with Payday loan?
Maximum of 50% of your net monthly salary subject to a maximum amount of N500,000.00
What are the rates/fee for Payday loan?
The fee is 4.5% which is taken upfront
Can I Pre-liquidate my loan?

Yes you can. You can self-liquidate by dialing *770*08# and select the pay loan option.

What can affect my eligibility?
  • Phone number not linked to your account
  • Evidence of non-receipt of salary in the past six(6) months
  • Outstanding loan(s) in Fidelity bank or other banks
  • Existing loan and if the monthly repayment is higher than your eligible amount.
  • Bad credit rating
How long does it take to get a loan?

Instantly upon successful loan request

How do I repay the Payday loan?
The loan amount will be deducted at the end of the 30days tenor
A new Fidelity Bank account has been opened for me. How do I get the funds?

Kindly visit the nearest Fidelity Bank Branch with your Passport Photograph, Valid ID and Recent Utility bill (Electricity bill, e.t.c). Once this is done, you can dial the
USSD code *770*08#.

Does my salary account have to be in Fidelity Bank before I can apply for Payday loan?
No, it does not. If your salary is processed via Remita, Tenece, E-tranzact, veripay you can also apply for a payday loan. Please note that you need to open a Fidelity bank account for the loan to be disbursed.

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