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Insider Trading &
Complaints Management Policy



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Insider Trading Policy

The Bank has a formal Insider Trading Policy that prohibits all “Insiders” and their “Connected Persons” (as defined in the Policy) from dealing in the Company’s securities at certain times.

The provisions of the Policy are based on terms no less exacting than the standards defined in the Listing Rules of the Nigerian Stock Exchange. The objectives of the Policy include the following:

Promote compliance with the provisions of the Investments and Securities Act (ISA) 2007, the Securities and Exchange Commission Code of Corporate Governance and the Listing Rules of the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

Ensure that all persons to whom the policy applies (affected persons), who possess material non-public information do not engage in insider trading or tipping.

The Policy has been communicated to all persons to whom it is applicable including Employees, Directors and members of the Shareholders Audit Committee. The Company Secretary periodically notifies affected persons of when trading in the Bank’s securities is either permitted (Open Periods) or prohibited (Blackout Periods).

fidelity bank IR Complaints Management Policy

Investor relations

Complaints Management Policy

In compliance with the recently released Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules relating to the Complaints Management Framework of the Nigerian Capital Market, please be notified that Fidelity Bank Plc. has adopted a Complaints Management Policy.

The Bank shall receive and entertain all Shareholders’ complaints arising out of issues covered under the Investments and Securities Act (ISA), 2007, the Rules and Regulations made pursuant to the ISA, the rules and regulations of Securities Exchanges and guidelines of recognised trade associations as directed.

Kindly refer to The Securities and Exchange Commission, Nigeria for more clarification and further details.

Thank you.

Fidelity Bank Plc.

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