Fidelity Travel Card

Explore beyond borders when you use Fidelity Travel Card

Fidelity Travel card is enabled for use in locations eligible for Travel Allowances

Your Personal Travel Allowance (PTA) and Business Travel Allowance (BTA) will now be disbursed partly ($3,000 for PTA and $4,000 for BTA) into a card and $1,000 as cash.

Before your next trip, Walk into any fidelity Bank branch to get your Personal or Business Travel Allowance with ease 


Can be used to make purchases on Web and POS (EMV enabled only)

Allow cash withdrawal via ATM to a maximum daily limit of $1,000.

Allow maximum daily purchase limit of $5,000 through POS and Web.

Can be reloaded each time the customer needs PTA/BTA.

Requirement & Eligibility

Completion of Form A on TRMS portal

Biodata page of International Passport

Valid Visa Page

Duly confirmed return ticket with e-ticket number

Authority to debit account for naira equivalent and charges

Account must have been opened and operated for at least 6 months

Complete a prepaid card request form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the card?

You will be charged N1,075.00 Vat Incl.

How long can the card last?

Card Validity is 3 years, but becomes inactive after 1 year of non-use.

Can the card be used in Nigeria?

Card can work everywhere except West African locations.

Can I load my card with more funds once I exhaust the availed PTA?

Card can only be loaded at a bank branch every Calendar quarter for those eligible for PTA.

How much can be drawn from the card?

$1,000 maximum cash daily via ATM and $5,000 via POS and web.

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Lost / Stolen

If your Debit/Credit Card is lost or stolen, please contact us
immediately via Fidelity Trueserve on: 0700FIDELITY, +234 1 4485252
email us: [email protected] or go to the nearest Fidelity
Bank branch.