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A New World of Seamless Payment Experience

fidelity bank pay gate


PayGateplus is an enhanced version of PayGate and is Fidelity’s flagship gateway that enables businesses and merchants to collect online payment.

PayGateplus has been consolidated to be a one-stop product that empowers organizations (irrespective of sector) to embed financial services within their businesses and offerings. These services include; 

Working with OnePipe as an innovation partner, Fidelity has evolved PayGateplus to become a comprehensive Embedded Finance platform as an expression of Fidelity’s contribution to the Open Banking evolution in the Nigerian financial services industry. 

Since PayGateplus’ soft launch, less than a year ago, numerous brands  have embedded a range of the services available on PayGate plus, these brands are key players in the FMCG, Agency, Aviation, Agency banking and fintech sectors.

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