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Travelling for the Holiday? Here Are Some Tips to Make it Safe for Your Loved Ones.

How we love to watch the fireworks every Christmas, hold hands as a family and laugh so loud while drinking a can of beer. What better feeling than Christmas? It is definitely not what we want to miss this year.  

The year has been filled with a lot of indoor isolations, which make affection and togetherness top of the chart this season. However, it is worthy of note that, this season, travel comes down to a risk-benefit analysis.

Dr Iahn Gonsenhauser, Chief Quality and Patient Safety Officer at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center advices that you check whether the state you are traveling to has quarantine or testing requirements that need to be strictly adhered to.

If you intend travelling this season, or celebrating the holiday outside your household, you should have begun quarantining; this means avoiding contact with people outside your household.  

Ordinarily, a drive is safest to your destination than taking any means of public transportation. However, it is clear that there are some destinations that taking a drive to does not seem plausible. If you must fly then, ensure you have your test result handy. The Center of Disease Control and Prevention advised to get tested for COVID-19 twice, before and after the journey while adhering to all safety precautions.

When you arrive home, as much as you crave a hug from family, think about their safety first and quarantine yourself. Wear your face mask and sanitize as often as possible.  

Being with family is the best way to celebrate Christmas, so, when it’s safe to play, hop in on that reindeer, go downstairs, unbox those beautiful gifts, sing some Christmas Karaoke, do a video call with Santa and have a festive grin holiday.

Merry Grin Christmas.