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Tech Meets Business

June 16, 2022
10 AM
Tech Ignite
Welcome to

Fidelity Tech Ignite 1.0

Fidelity Tech Ignite is aimed at facilitating growth and expanding tech-focused SMEs in Nigeria. Tech Ignite provides an opportunity for participants to meet with investors, growth partners and also network amongst leaders in the industry.

Compete in the

Ignite Accelerator Challenge

The Ignite Accelerator Challenge offers tech focused SMEs the opportunity to partner with Fidelity Bank, whilst being able to leverage the Bank’s channels and support for growth in areas such as: distribution, marketing, product co-creation and more.

Ignite Accelerator Challenge

How to Enter

Send us a write-up of not more than 250 words, telling us about:

  • Your existing business and what is required to take it to the next level
  • How you would leverage Fidelity Bank for growth
  • Why you should be selected as a Strategic Partner of Fidelity Bank

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