Fidelity Current Account
Our traditional current account designed for individuals and business owners seeking dependable and convenient banking services.


  • Full KYC and account documentation required
  • Attracts Maintenance fee
  • A checking account


  • Zero minimum operating balance
  • Convenience
  • Access to loan facilities
  • ATM card available to both individual and corporate clients
  • Access to our bouquet of e-services/channels

Fidelity Premium Current Account (Premium)
It Pays To Be Current
Discover the power to do more bank the way you want anywhere and anytime.

Benefits and features
With the Fidelity Premium Current Account, you can enjoy these amazing benefits:

  • Earn interest on your credit balance.
  • Invitation to Bank’s organized lifestyle events
  • Access to Fidelity Bank cards
  • Special discounts from designated shops/SPAs in Nigeria (when Fidelity cards are used)
  • Access to loan facilities
  • Access to our bouquet of E-Services


  • Basic (Individual) Minimum operating balance – N5,000 with monthly debit turnover of N10m
  • Basic (Corporate) Minimum operating balance – N250,000
  • Prime (Individual) – Minimum operating balance –N200,000 (No limit on monthly debit turnover)
  • Prime (Corporate) Min. operating balance – N500,000
Fidelity Bridge Account (Bridge)
Live Life Without Limits
Now you can meet your urgent needs with up to 50% of your monthly salary upfront. Enjoy all the benefits of a current account, plus Zero Maintenance Fee. Talk to us today.

With the Fidelity Bridge Account, you enjoy these amazing benefits:

  • Access to up to 50% of monthly salary in advance (subject to maximum of N500, 000) repayable next pay day.
  • Access up to 50% of monthly salary on credit card – subject to maximum of N500,000 (staff of structured companies)
  • Zero opening balance
  • N1,000 minimum operating balance
  • Access to other approved Consumer loan products (Personal Loan, FEALS, and Mortgage facilities)
  • Access to e-banking bouquet of products (Credit/Debit cards, internet banking, mobile banking)

Fidelity Small Business Account Individual (FSBA)

  • It is a checking account opened in the personal names of the subscribing micro or small entrepreneur
  • KYC requirements will be the usual KYC documentation requirements for the individual current account customer
  • Minimum operating balance for the product is N5,000 (Five Thousand Naira) only
  • The maximum debit turnover threshold is N5, 000,000 (Five Million Naira) per month
  • Earn extra money on your monthly account balance (Terms and Conditions Apply)
  • Customers can borrow using this account as long as the relevant risk asset acceptance criteria for the loan product(s) are satisfied
  • Zero Account Maintenance Fee product. (Please note that Account Maintenance Fee would apply if your account balance falls below the required operating balance and/or if your debit turnover exceeds the stipulated monthly debit turnover as stated above)
Fidelity Vintage Account (Vintage)
A current account designed specifically for retirees, intending retirees and senior citizens in both private and public sectors


  • Senior citizen within age bracket 58 years and above
  • ₦1,000 minimum operating balance
  • Free initial cheque book
  • Full KYC/account documentation required


  • Zero commission on PTA- once a year
  • Access to bridging finances tied to their salaries and/or mandatory pension/Annuity payments
  • Access to loyalty/discount schemes – when Fidelity Cards are used at designated locations
  • Fast track lane in branches for ease of banking operations
  • Access to periodic bank organized retirement, investment advisory, and health workshops (in conjunction with PFAs)
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