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Product of the Month

The Fidelity Virtual card is designed specifically for web transactions and can be used to shop online (both locally and internationally), pay bills, and subscribe to services, among other things.

This virtual card, which can be generated via mobile or the web, is just another secure payment option, similar to physical payment cards.

Criteria & Eligibility

  • New and existing customers Terms & Features

  • No Documentation required

  • Web platform only

  • 200,000 daily (Spend limit)

How can I create my virtual card?

  • Log in to your online banking platform

  • Click the Menu and select ‘Cards’

  • Select ‘Virtual Card’ from the ‘Cards’ menu and enter your token to verify

  • Select ‘Create Card’

  • Link your Virtual Card to a new or existing account

  • Fill in your details and you’re all set!