Fidelity Diaspora Domiciliary Account

As a trusted and reliable banking partner, we offer you a foreign currency account back home that enables you to do international transactions from wherever you are.

This account offers you the unique flexibility of operating in US Dollars, British Pounds, and Euros. Depending on the currency you prefer, inflows can hit designated accounts without being subjected to variations in the local exchange rate.

Features & Benefits:

  • Minimum account operating balance of $30, €30, £20
  • Attractive interest rates on-call/demand and fixed deposits
  • Access to Internet banking, email transaction alerts, and statements
  • Option of a Nominee Resident Joint Signatory in Nigeria (e.g. spouse, parent, etc.)
  • Standing orders
  • Investment facilitation services for shares traded on NSE
  • Draft issuance in foreign currency
  • You can also open a Domiciliary and a Naira current/savings account