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Fidelity Bank/Export and Sell

Export Seminar

Earn in Dollars by Exporting to the USA



To help our customers increase their export business potentials as well as to bolster their foreign currency earning capacity, we entered a strategic partnership with Export & Sell, a trade enabling platform-as – a- service, to facilitate the listing of Nigerian businesses on Amazon as well as to provide access to other US off-take markets including African Stores, Wallmart, SamsClub, Target, etc.

This partnership would provide guidance for businesses in areas of capacity development, securing regulatory approvals from local bodies (like NAFDAC and SON as well US agencies like the FDA) and also enable them export their products to the USA, sell on Amazon, find buyers, distribute and warehouse their products in the USA.

With American companies often requiring products from Africa where the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) allows them to bring in over 6,400 products into the USA duty-free, Nigerian businesses operating in the following industries are strategically positioned to earn increased FX revenue:

  • Food and Beverage Industries
  • Fashion and Textile Industries
  • Leather and Foot Ware Industries
  • Furniture and Wood Work Industries
  • Art and Craft Industries
  • Beauty and Cosmetic Industries
  • Pet Products (Excluding Meat Related Products)
  • Building Material Industries
  • Light Equipment Industries
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Industries


Learn The Practical Ways To Export

Learn The Practical Ways To Export

Learn how to prepare the correct documentations and how to get required licenses to quickly export to the USA and beyond, thereby earning in dollars.

Product Review

Product Review

Learn how to package your product, create the labels and prepare the right literature to meet the specifications required to sell in the USA and beyond.

Sell on Amazon and Other USA Stores

Sell on Amazon and Other USA Stores

Learn the requirements needed to sell your products on Amazon and over 1000 African stores in 30 days or less as well as how to find buyers for your products.

Shipping, Clearing and Warehousing

Shipping, Clearing and Warehousing

Learn how to ship and clear your products, how to get up to 6 months of free warehousing and how to cheaply dispatch your products within the USA.

Set Up Your US Entity

Set Up Your US Entity

Learn how to set up your USA subsidiary, set up a USA bank account, trademark and lots more so as to reach more USA buyers quicker.

Beauty and Cosmetic

Beauty and Cosmetic

Pet Products

Pet Products

(Excluding Meat Related Products)

Building Material

Building Material

Light Equipment

Light Equipment

Chemical and Petrochemical

Chemical and Petrochemical



This seminar is designed for businesses in the above listed industries who:

Currently sell products locally in the Nigerian market but are looking for ways to expand and go into the lucrative export business.

Who currently sell in small quantities to the USA and other countries but are looking to establish ways to have regular sales and be able to reach customers quicker and cheaper?

Companies who have the capital to sell in large quantities to supply retail stores all over the USA and especially on

Companies that have the needed capital to modify their products as needed in order to meet international export specifications.

In general can invest up to ₦5 million in the export business.

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Who can attend this training?

The training is for registered businesses who sell their products locally now but will like to explore the export market to earn in dollars. It is open for businesses in any of the following categories:

  • Fashion Industry
  • Food and related industry
  • Leather and Shoe Industry
  • Woodwork and Furniture industry
  • Beauty and Cosmetic Industry
  • Art and Craft Industry
  • Pet Products
  • Building Materials Industry
  • Chemical and Other Manufacturing Industries
Do l need to have a Fidelity bank account to attend this training

No. The is open for all businesses that have products in the industries above. You don’t need to bank with Fidelity to attend.

I have no knowledge of exporting, can I still attend the training?

Yes. As long as you have a business in any of the categories above, you can attend even if you don’t know how to export. The essence of the seminar is to teach you the practical aspects of exporting, so you can be ready for exports in as little as 30 days.

I have gone to other trainings before and nothing was achieved. Why is this different.

This is a practical based training given by a company that is already helping businesses to export and sell in the USA. They are grounded in shipping, clearing and warehousing and have warehouses both in Nigeria and USA. You will be given all the practical tools needed to actually start exporting.

What happens after the training?

After the training and if you are ready to start exporting, the team at Export and Sell will help to review and revamp your product to get it set for export. They can help with redesign of the label, help with packaging, photography and other thigs needed to showcase your products to the world. 

Can l come with samples of my products?

Yes it is advisable. The team from Export and Sell will review your products and give you on the spot assessment on what will need to be done to get it quickly ready for export.

I have tried to export in the past, but don’t know the licenses or how to ship and clear over there.

The seminar will cover and show you all you need to export and all the licenses you need and how to get them. With warehouses in Lagos, and abroad, they will show you how to simply drop off your items in Lagos, while they do the rest.

I currently have a few buyers in the USA, but shipping to them is very expensive via DHL or air. Will this seminar help me.

Yes. Shipping for export can be very expensive and there are ways around it. You have the option to ship via sea, and enjoy up to 6 months of free warehousing in their USA warehouse. From there items can be sent cheaply to your buyers all over the USA and all over the world, where the shipping cost is often cheaper. 

Where will my products be sold?

We start by putting your products on Amazon and can have this done in as little as 30 days. We also work with over 1000 African stores in the USA and can send your products to them to list on their shelves. Wholesale opportunities also exist as well as a host of other ways to find you buyers.

Will my sales payment be made to me in naira or dollars?

Payment would be made in dollars, you would require a domiciliary account to that effect.