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Experience Nigeria!

Nigeria is endowed with different unique cultures and natural wonders, which makes us one of the best people on earth! There are a lot of fun and historic places to visit should you decide to go on a tour by yourself, with friends or with family.

If you’re visiting and thinking of where to explore, we’ve got you! See a list of 4 historical and beautiful places to have a gratifying experience:

Alok Ikom Monoliths

If you’re a nature and art lover, this place is a mustvisit. These Monoliths are engraved standing stones scattered around the communities of the Ikom Local Government area of Cross River State. This is one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites.

Osun-Osogbo Groove

This groove is dedicated to Osun, the Yoruba goddess of fertility, and is reported to be the largest of the sacred groves that have survived to date. The Osun River meanders through the protected area, with sanctuaries and shrines built along its course.

The Giant Footprint of Ukhuse Oke

According to folklore, this grove is believed to be sacred as it is inferred that the footprints embedded on the flat granite rocks were created by a prehistoric giant when the world was still molten. It is located between Ukhusa-Oke and Ukheosi, Edo State.

Gurara Waterfall

Discovered by a Gwari hunter in 1745, this magnificent waterfall is one of Nigeria’s famous tourist attractions and it is in Gurara L.G.A Niger State. The waterfall which lies on the Gurara River is estimated to be 30 meters in height, and according to folklore, the waterfall was named after 2 deities called Gura and Rara.


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