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Modernize your payment processes, reduce costs and free up working capital necessary for strategic initiatives to help grow your business.

fidelity bank remita


Powering Remote Payments & Collections

Remita leverages on the online real time integration between the Nigerian Banks and Systemspecs to provide an effective collection solution. It delivers efficient and secure payment processing to any Nigerian bank account of your choice, and enables you receive all kinds of payments at any of the Nigerian Banks on the Systemspecs network.

It is highly flexible and customizable. Funds are settled to your bank account at a period of your choosing, and transaction reports are updated on your end instantly.

  • Fund collection:
    Seamless receipt of payments at any Nigerian Bank branch on the Systemspecs network from your clientele/payers for goods and services rendered
  • Validation of payer details:
    Remita can be integrated to your company’s backend environment in order to validate any number of payer details, and provide real time transaction notifications.
  • Real-time transaction monitoring:
    Receive, monitor and reconcile payments made to you from the comfort of your office.
  • Schools (All kinds of fees collection)
  • Business organizations (Monies for goods and services)
  • Government organizations and NGO’s (Taxes, Fees, contributions, e.t.c.)
  • Service companies (Utilities, e.t.c.)
  • Payments can be made to you at any Nigerian bank for any number of payment items
  • Multiple collection options: In-Branch, Web (internet), ATM, or Point-of-Sale terminal
  • Irrespective of the bank/branch or channel used, all payments made by customers, distributors or citizens are merged and presented to the corporate in a single view, with explicit and adequate descriptions
  • Remita can be customized to accommodate any number of payment items
  • Remita can be integrated to your back end environment for validation of payer details
  • Access to monitor and view reports of all payments made across all banks
  • Transaction history storage and viewing
  • Saves time and stress of coordinating collections from multiple payers
  • Faster business processes
  • Easy reconciliation due to unique identifiers
  • Easy payment options (for payers)
  • No need to request account statements frequently
  • Access to detailed reports, real-time
  • Helps reduce fund leakages, diversion, suppression and mismanagement.