Bulk Transfer Service

Fidelity In-Branch Bulk Transaction Service
Bulk Transactions, as the name suggests, are payments that are made electronically to multiple recipients but in a single transaction.

With Fidelity bulk transaction service, all our branches can now provide seamless online and real-time service to customers.

What can BTS do for you?
• Make Bulk Payments to Supplier/Vendor/Contractor third-party payments
• Make Bulk Salary payments and other employee allowances
• Instant notification via Email/SMS

Features and Benefits
• Instant Direct Debit and Credit
• Debits could be processed in 2 ways:
o Bulk debits for all transactions: Bulk debits for all transactions is a transaction type where a single debit entry goes into the customer’s account while the other transaction legs get to beneficiary individually.
o Individual debits per transactions: Individual debits per transactions is a bulk transaction process where the customer’s account gets debited separately for every individual or single entries.
• Instant notification via Email/SMS
• Auto-reversal of all unsuccessful transactions to the payers account once transaction processing is completed.