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Rights Issue of

0 Billion

ordinary shares of

0 kobo




per share

On the basis of 1 Ordinary Share for every
10 Ordinary Shares held as at January 5, 2024

Public Offer of

0 Billion

ordinary shares of

0 kobo




per share

Payable in full on Acceptance/Application

Acceptance/ Application List Opens: Thursday, 20 June 2024

Acceptance/ Application List Closes:Monday, 29 July 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Offer price?

We are offering for subscription 10billion ordinary shares of 50 kobo each at ₦9.75 per share through a public offer and 3.2billion ordinary shares of 50 kobo each at ₦9.25 per share to existing shareholders of Fidelity Bank through a Rights Issue.

When will the offer start and end?

The offer opens on 20 June 2024 and closes on 29 July 2024.

Will the Bank offer a discount compared to the market price of Fidelity shares?

Yes. The Bank will offer discounts to anyone investing in the Public Offer and Rights Issue. However, market practice demands that the Bank offers a larger discount to existing shareholders who will take up the rights through the Rights Issue Offer.

Can I buy shares for myself and my family members?

Yes. You can buy shares for yourself and your family members.

Are there people exempted from buying Fidelity Bank Shares?

No. Anyone above the consent age can buy Fidelity shares. However, those below the consent age can buy through their guardian or parent.

What is your share performance over the last 3 years

The performance of the share price of Fidelity Bank Plc in the last year was outstanding, outperforming both the Nigerian Banking Index and the All-Share Index. Our share price increased by 325% from N2.22 per share in Dec 2020 to N10.85 per share at the end of Dec 2023. Meanwhile, the Nigerian Banking Index and All-Share Index gained 121% and 75% respectively, in the same period


Dec 2021

Dec 2022

Dec 2023

% Growth

Fidelity Bank





Banking Index





All Share Index





Our stellar performance in the market is a reflection of;

  1. Disciplined execution of our corporate strategy, which positioned the Bank for improved and sustainable profitability. Our PBT within the same period, increased by 342% from N28.1bn in 2020 to N124bn in 2023.
  2. Our well-experienced management team and resilient staff, who are guided by a diverse Board of Directors.
What is the maximum number of shares an investor can buy?

For the Public Offer, the maximum number of shares anyone can buy is the total number of ordinary shares the Bank will offer for sale, i.e., 10 billion shares.

For the Rights Issue, existing shareholders can only buy 1 share for every 10 shares they already have, or 10.0% of their existing shareholdings. However, the Bank could allocate more shares to an existing shareholder if other shareholders did not exercise their rights.

Please contact the Head of Investor Relations if you have an existing shareholder interested in buying more than his / her rights.

Do you pay Dividends and how much have you paid over the last 3 years?

Fidelity Bank has consistently paid dividends in the last 17 years., even in the most turbulent time in the Nigerian banking industry. In addition, Fidelity Bank is one of the only 6 banks in Nigeria that pay an interim dividend (half-year dividend).

 In the last 3 years, the Bank has paid the following as dividend:
















What is the process of buying the shares?

Contact your stockbroker or visit any Fidelity Bank branch. You can also visit any of the receiving banks.

    1. Access
    2. FBN
    3. GTCO
    4. Stanbic
    5. Zenith
Can Nigerians in the Diaspora buy the Fidelity Shares?
Can a foreigner, an expatriate or a foreign company buy the Fidelity Shares?


What will the proceeds of public offer be used for?

The Offer Proceeds will be applied towards the following initiatives:

  • Investment in IT infrastructure: covers overall technology infrastructure upgrades and investment in enhanced cyber security solutions, data analytics, cloud solutions, etc.
  • Business and regional expansion: includes the expansion of the business franchise across the Retail, Small & Medium Enterprises, Commercial and Corporate segments of the Bank, as well as banking license opportunities in select African countries.
  • Investment in product distribution channels: This covers investments in POS machines, ATMs, branch enhancement and construction, increased agency banking and customized technology for collaboration and partnership with financial technology players.

The landmark projects and business initiatives the Management of Fidelity Bank seeks to undertake will redefine the Bank’s business structure, diversify its earnings base, and ultimately grow its market share in the real sector of the economy. This will ensure the Bank is well-positioned to navigate possible economic headwinds and take advantage of emerging business opportunities within and outside Nigeria.

What happens in an event of oversubscription?

In accordance with the subsisting regulation by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), the Bank is allowed to accept a significant part of any oversubscription.

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