Green Rewards

At Fidelity, our primary objective is to improve the life and well-being of our customers. Imagine spending a vacation with your family in a serene hotel resort or watching a Hollywood blockbuster in a state-of-the art cinema. Are you in need of rent support to secure that cozy apartment in a plush location? With our special schemes and innovative offerings, you can enjoy the finer things in life.

Green Screen Tuesday

Exciting times are indeed here for family and friends. The Fidelity Green Screen Tuesday offers heavy discounts on movie tickets at Genesis Deluxe Cinemas when you pay with a Fidelity Bank card. You only have to pay N500 instead of N1, 000 for 2D movies and N2, 000 as opposed to N3, 000 for 3D movies with free 3D glasses.
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Save 4 Shelter

The Save 4 Shelter promo is one of our many initiatives tailored towards meeting the basic needs of our customers. In this promotion, you could win a new house in Lagos, Abuja or Port Harcourt! Simply open any savings account and grow your balance to N50,000 or top up your existing account with N50,000 monthly to qualify for the bi-monthly draws and you could win a house.
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