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What are the fees on the card?

- Cost of Card is ₦1050 - Card re-issuance fee due to expiration is ₦1050 - Card re-issuance fee due to damage, loss or theft is ₦2000 - No Annual fees - Monthly Card maintenance fee of ₦250, ₦500 and ₦1000 ( Classic, Gold and Platinum Respectively) - Monthly interest rate of 2.5% on outstanding [...]

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What documentation is required to get a Payroll Credit Card?

- Duly filled Credit card application form. - Letter from employer stating irrevocable domiciliation of salary and gratuity/terminal Benefits. - Letter from employer confirming applicant’s monthly, annual salary and length of service with the Organisation. - 3 months’ Payslip - Driver’s License/International Passport/National Identity Card. - Photocopy of Employee identity card. - Current Passport Photograph. [...]

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How safe is my Fidelity Visa Credit Card?

Your Fidelity is very safe because it has added advantage of Verified by Visa IPIN which ensures that while paying for goods on the internet, ONLY the true owner of a card can authorize payment on the card. Follow these easy steps next time you’re shopping online to activate your Verified by Visa iPIN. - [...]

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