Naira Credit Card

What documentation is required to get a Fidelity Visa Naira Credit Card?

– Duly filled Credit card application form.
– Letter of Charge
– Approved Executive Summary signed off by Regional/Group Head.
– If Individual – executed Personal Guarantee
– If Corporate – executed Corporate Guarantee
– Driver’s License/International Passport/National Identity Card.
– Current Passport Photograph.

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What is the billing calendar?

– Cycle is 45days, statement date is 15th and due date is 28th of every month with a 14 day grace period.
– Repayment is 10% of outstanding balance, due on the 28TH of every month

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Where can I use my Fidelity Visa Naira Credit Card?

– The Credit card can be used at the ATM, POS and Web.
– Use domestically and internationally; anywhere in the world where the VISA logo is displayed

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Does the Fidelity Visa Naira Credit Card come in Variants?

Yes, the Fidelity Visa Naira Credit Card comes in Classic, Gold and Platinum Variants.

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How safe is my Fidelity Visa Credit Card?

Your Fidelity is very safe because it has added advantage of Verified by Visa IPIN which ensures that while paying for goods on the internet, ONLY the true owner of a card can authorize payment on the card.

Follow these easy steps next time you’re shopping online to activate your Verified by Visa iPIN.
– Click the […]

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Can I give instruction for my Fidelity Visa Credit Card closure anytime I like?


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