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I cannot remember my credit card pin

Step 1: Request for a new PIN in any of the Fidelity closest Branch Step 2: You’ll receive SMS alert with 24 hours, Slot your card into Any Fidelity bank ATM and select any random 4 digits Number and press enter. Step 3: Select “change PIN” to enter your preferred 4 digits PIN Step 4: Re-enter [...]

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What are the fees on the card?

- Cost of Card is ₦1050 - Card re-issuance fee due to expiration is ₦1050 - Card re-issuance fee due to damage, loss or theft is ₦2000 - No Annual fees - No transaction fees on POS and Web - Monthly Card maintenance fee of ₦250, ₦500 and ₦1000 ( Classic, Gold and Platinum Respectively) [...]

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