Your Fidelity is very safe because it has added advantage of Verified by Visa IPIN which ensures that while paying for goods on the internet, ONLY the true owner of a card can authorize payment on the card.

Follow these easy steps next time you’re shopping online to activate your Verified by Visa iPIN.
– Click the ‘CHECK-OUT’ button or the ‘PAY-NOW’ button while shopping.
– Enter your card details as required by the website.
– The VbyV screen appears on the website.
– Enter your card details.
– Enter ID Number as provide in your Credit card application form.
– Enter Date of birth in the format YYYY as year of birth, MM as month of birth, and DD as day of birth.
– Enter Card expiry date as shown on the card in the format YYYY as year of expiration, and MM as month of expiration
– Click the ‘NEXT’ button to input a NEW 4 digit PIN.
– Click the ‘END’ button when done.