Introducing Visa’s impossible offers, every day of the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF)

Fidelity Visa Card holders can benefit from a unique Dubai Shopping Festival promotion that will engage, surprise and delight customers on a daily basis. Every day, DSF customers will be able to avail themselves of limited but incredible, almost impossible, offers – available when you use your Fidelity Visa cards. The deals will be impossibly tempting, typically with pricing of 20% of retail price i.e. approx. 80% off, across electronics, travel, entertainment, luxury goods and even automobiles!

How to Get Updates:
· Customers need to sign up to receive details of the impossible offer every day.
· One-time sign up can be completed on
· Deals will be announced from January 1 – February 1 2016

Sign up now for Visa’s Impossible Deals to get daily notifications of amazing deals during Dubai Shopping Festival.
Get Discounts that will keep you smiling all through January such as:
Travel tickets, hotel rooms, mobile phone top up, Uber rides and lots more.

*Please note:
Remember there are only a limited number of deals, distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.
Follow the simple instructions sent to you after registration with each deal, to make the impossible, possible with your Fidelity Visa Cards.