Experience the next level of micro payment with *402*MerchantCode*Amount#
mCash is the micro payment initiative from NIBSS which uses the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) technology to process financial transactions between customers and merchants, directly from the payer’s mobile phone.
mCash is aimed at providing payment services to payers and merchants at the bottom of the pyramid in retail payment.

What can mCash do for you?
• Easy collection of funds: Instant receipt of payments into merchant’s Fidelity Bank account once the payer dials the required code string
• Ease of payment: Payer can easily select any bank account of his/her choice from which to make payment to the merchant from his/her mobile phone

Who can use mCash?
• Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs)
• Religious organizations
• Bank account holders
• Anyone with a mobile phone

• Instant credit of funds to merchant’s Fidelity bank account
• Requires only a mobile phone and a valid bank account
• Does not require data
• Flash screen payment confirmation message

• No need to have cash or a card before making payment
• Instant credit to merchant’s Fidelity account, and subsequent release of goods and services. No long wait period
• Quick and easy payment option (for both merchant and payer)